Reasons to wear a dress

“You know I dream in color and do the things I want…” (Kelly Clarkson, Stronger)


Hello Summer! Time to dig out your summer faves and keep cool. Let’s talk about the white dress. White dresses are a summer staple, breezy, flowy and innocent. It’s the cousin to the Little Black Dress. (The above white dress with ruffled sleeves and ruffled hem is by WhoWhatWear for Target)

In my last post, I mentioned that I wear dresses almost exclusively. I find that I can do most daily activities in a dress without any restrictions. The only exceptions are when I’m swimming, hiking or working out. If it were more acceptable, I would probably wear them then too. Perhaps I should take up tennis or golf?

Here are some reasons why I wear dresses. I hope you feel inspired to pull out some of your favorites and wear a dress today!

1. It is easier and quicker to find a dress in the closet rather than trying to pair a shirt and pants/ shorts. It’s one and done.

2. Dresses instantly make you look like you’ve put time and thought choosing your outfit. It’s a pulled together look that’s effortless.

3. Dresses/ skirts add mystery, curiosity and intrigue. In this day and age, it allows you to stand out.

4. Dresses are a good investment, timeless, classic and always appropriate.

5. I feel my best in a dress!

6. Dresses/ skirts can hide “imperfections”  and accentuate the areas you want to flaunt. They are more forgiving than pants.

7. No wedgies.

8. I feel feminine and pretty.

9. I can twirl!

10. The affordability. I can typically buy a dress for less than the cost of an entire outfit. Sometimes even 2.

And finally, a reason why You should wear a dress…. just because!

Hope everyone is enjoying the first day of July. Thanks for reading and please feel free to like, comment or ask questions.

-In a world full of pants… be a dress-

Angel Wing Wall (Los Angeles)- Colette Miller

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