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“Had to talk to God, dropped down and prayed for this. To my surprise, he replied, said ‘You were made for this.’ I seen the car I wanted, then went and paid for it….cash, cash” (Cardi B. Best Life)

I didn’t get the Tesla, but a girl can still dream, right?

It’s been over a decade since I have been back to the East Coast. Atlanta did not disappoint. Out and about shopping today to prepare for my upcoming Orlando trip. I went into Gucci with high hopes that the Multicolored Phisse-Lurex Midi Skirt would be available. No such luck. Ever since I’ve seen Blake Lively wearing the rainbow skirt, I was obsessed. I started thinking of who my style icons are and the stars fashion looks that I admired or I found inspiring. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Blake Lively-carefree, boho

2. Megan Markle- modern yet classic with an edge

3. Kate Middleton- classic polished and elegant

4. Cardi B.- fun and fashion forward

5. Margot Robbie- pretty and on trend

Although Gucci didn’t have my coveted skirt, I was convinced to try on an alternative by the sales associate. “I bet you’re a fan of floral prints.” He wasn’t wrong!





Dressing room try on: Gucci Climbing Roses Silk Dress. Simply gorgeous and uber feminine with an oversized front bow, sleeveless, and a ruffle skirt hem.

Since I don’t wear pants, wearing jeans just isn’t in my wardrobe. I still love denim and denim dresses/ skirts are a great alternative. I can wear denim without sacrificing my own style and comfort. Sadly, I did have a wardrobe malfunction/ mishap. I wore a pink bow belt that had broken and I was unable to capture that on camera. However, one thing that I love about the denim dress that I’m wearing (or any dress for that matter) is that it has pockets! Pockets! My favorite design on a dress would have to be the functionality of pockets. I’m a little disappointed that more dresses don’t them.





Seen above: LV MY LOCKME (want want want!)

*Dark Wash Denim A-line Dress, button up collar by: New Look apparel

Who are your fashion style icons?

Out of all the blogs out there, thank you for taking the time to read mine. Stay tuned for more!

“In a world full of pants, be a dress!” (Jules L.)

***photo edits: instagram @jordanwrestles

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