Fairytale Dreams


I went to Disney World and all of my fairy tale dreams came true! The Magic Kingdom was truly a magical experience! I was hoping to see my fellow princess friends, Cindy, Snow and  Belle but they were nowhere to be found. This was my first time ever at Disney and I was excited and grateful for the opportunity. These are truly the best moments in life and I’ll forever carry these memories.

I’m wearing my favorite color…. pink! I get so happy when I see that a dress is available in pink. Many dresses I’ve come across in stores are the typical black, navy and sometimes red. These are “safe” shades and I’m thrilled when there’s a pink option.



What I wore:                                                               Pink and white striped midi body con dress by Papaya.

Thanks for stopping by!                                           “In a world full of pants, be a dress!” (Jules L.)


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