Flannels and Fall

Hello everyone and happy fall! I took a short hiatus and now I’m back and exited to share some fun fall looks with you!



Let’s talk about plaid flannel shirts. Growing up in the 90’s, flannel shirts were enormously popular. Fast forward to 2018 and I appreciate the modern take on this throwback piece. There is a wider variety of color and styles now,  than what was available then.


Moving on to body con dresses. Typically,  body con dresses are form fitting and “clings” to the body. It can be a sexy look, just by highlighting the silhouette of your frame. Due to the enhanced silhouette, sometimes I can feel a little vulnerable. It’s amazing how a dress can showcase your figure without actually showing any skin.


For a crisp fall day at the pumpkin patch, I wanted to keep it light and casual. A flannel is a fun  for throwing on top or tied around the waist. It’s a playful and an alternate way to incorporate your flannels with a dress.


Hope you liked the look! What are your thoughts on pairing a flannel with a dress? Do you prefer the pink or the blue flannel? Let me know! Thank you so much for reading! XOXO



In a world of pants, be a dress!

– Jules


***What I wore:

*Grey Dress by Love Culture                                   *Pink/blue flannel by No Boundaries


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