My Favorite Plaid


As a dress enthusiast, it’s a moment of joy when you find your favorite plaid print in a dress. Of course, you can find plaid in an array of choices, shirts, jackets, scarves but not often in a dress/ or skirt form.

This was a meant to be moment in Target and I had my fingers crossed as I headed to the dressing room. It was a great fit and I couldn’t be happier with the traditional green/ blue, blackwatch tartan print. I also appreciated the modern and feminine touches of this dress, the sleeves were sheer and the belted bow was lovely.


I loved this dress so much that I also took family photos in them. Keep an eye out, I will be including those in a future post.

Hope you enjoyed the look and take a chance wearing plaid beyond the flannels and scarves. Happy holidays and thanks for stopping by!


***What I Wore***                                                            * Green/ Blue Plaid Dress by A New Day (Target)

“In a world full of pants, be a dress”


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