Spring is in the Air


Hello lovelies, it’s been a little while! The cold has a way of bringing on the winter blues and the start of spring has lifted some of the darkness. Spring is such a renewal of energy for me. It’s almost as if I’ve been hibernating away all winter and now I’m awake and feel alive. The sun is out earlier, the birds are singing me a chorus every morning, new life is blooming and the sun is setting later.


Spring represents the soft blooms, sunshine, warmth. The dead of winter is giving way to a season of softer and lighter tones and fabrics. In nature, subtle yet beautiful colors are coming into bloom. It’s time to leave the darker hues of fall and winter behind and bring some needed color back. Spring is a fun time to experiment with colors, pastels and florals.


I’m enjoying the warmth and golden rays today in a sunny yellow floral dress from Tj Maxx. Yellow represents sunny optimism…what better way to start spring! Hope you enjoyed the look!


~In a world full of pants, be a dress~ Jules


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