Words To Live By


Happy New Year, lovelies! 🎉My first post of 2020. I’m going to keep it real with you…I don’t do resolutions. I find that I never fully commit to them and then feel guilty about it. Instead, I choose a word that has personal meaning and to live by for the year. I started doing this in 2016. Let me break down the previous years and words.


2016- LIVE.  I realized I was in stuck in my own comfort zone and fear. I decided to go for it and truly “live” for myself, everyday.

2017- FABULOUS. I had to believe that I really was fabulous. Life was fabulous. What I wanted was to be fabulous inside and out. I truly did embody this word to the fullest extent. 


2018- STRENGTH. This is an area I was lacking in my life. Many things around me were falling a part. I had to rely on myself. I needed to dig deeper and find the strength I knew I had in me all along.

2019- SPARKLE. I chose to sparkle for myself. I wanted to sparkle and shine and be the best possible version of myself.


2020- FOCUS.I chose the word focus this year. I realized that I put so much time and energy into things that weren’t worth it. Where focus goes, energy flows. This year, I choose to focus wisely and for things that really matter.

Hope you have the best 2020 year! Do you make resolutions? What are yours?

  • What I Wore:
  • All Party Looks by H&M
  • Aquazzura Blegrazia Black Heels


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