Eat, Sleep, Pink…Repeat


Is this available in pink? Do you have this in pink? These are the questions I typically ask before making a purchase. I can’t help it, it’s my most favorite color. My eyes and my heart gravitate towards this gorgeous shade and nothing else comes close. I’ve loved pink since I was a child and well into adulthood, I really don’t think that there’s an end in sight with this  obsession.


As much pink that I have in my wardrobe, I do own other colors. Although, if more clothing designers made this shade available, I probably wouldn’t wear other colors, other than my treasured animal prints. I’ve tried wearing black and it feels far too chic and sophisticated for me. Reds are too bold and risqué, whites… I just can’t avoid spilling something on. I do love a good yellow though. I adore darker hues on others and admire how one can carry themselves depending on the color they are wearing.  It just never fit with my personality. I like bright, airy and happy colors.


Ironically, pink symbolizes youth and my name Julie means “youthfulness”. So there you have it, I just may never grow out of this.


How do you feel about pink? Is it a go or a no go in your wardrobe? I hope I’ve inspired you to add a few pieces of this lovely shade to incorporate into your life!


  • What I Wore:
  • Pink Smock Jumper Dress by F21
  • White bodysuit by Madewell
  • Pink Puffed Sleeve Dress by H&M
  • Friends Tee by Target
  • Maroon Faux Leather Jacket by YMI
  • Pink Skirt by F21
  • Pink Floral Dress by Target



In a world full of pants, be a dress ~ Jules

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