Mini Skirt Season


The weather gets colder and the skirts get shorter. Mini skirt season has arrived! It doesn’t make much sense to me either but I do embrace it. All bundled up from head to toe but a short skirt this time of year looks fabulous. It would look as odd as wearing sweats and a beanie in the summer, but it’s all in the name of fashion, right?


Boot season is also upon us. A good way to break up the length of a mini, is with a great pair of boots, or even over the knee boots. Boots help with the feeling of being exposed or bare. It also adds some flair and fun to your outfit. Skirts and boots are instantly a chic and stylish look.


I wasn’t always a fan of short skirts. I felt so self conscious and worried about being over exposed. I let those thoughts go out the window. We only live once, wear that skirt, strut your stuff! If you feel amazing then own it. It’s a fun look and I would recommend at least trying it out before you decide against it. It isn’t necessary to go super short or go all out, just wear a length that you feel comfortable in.


As a lover of dresses and skirts, I love them in all lengths, shapes and sizes. I adore long hems, midis and shorter styles. It really all depends on my mood and where I’m going or headed out to for the day/ evening. I tend to be pretty mindful of that as I take in consideration which outfit for certain events. For me, it’s always going to be a dress or a skirt, regardless of where I’m going.


As a disclaimer, I would like to say, wear tights or leggings. It does get rather cold in the winter months. I’m not wearing any because it just doesn’t photograph well. Typically, I would wear tights with every single one of these looks.

How do you feel about minis? Yay or nay?

  • What I Wore:
  • Cardi B  Hoodie by F21
  • Brown Faux Suede Skirt by F21
  • Black Calf Boots by Sam Edelman 
  • Black Leather Jacket by Wilson’s Leather
  • Pink Top by Walmart
  • Black skirt by F21
  • Black Boots by Steve Madden
  • White Mosaic Sweater by Time and Tru (Walmart)
  • Brown Faux suede skirt by F21
  • Brown OTK Boots by Shoedazzle
  • Burgandy Faux Leather Jacket by YMI
  • Black Bodysuit by Madewell
  • Plaid skirt by H&M
  • Grey Boots by Anne Klein

In a world full of pants, be a dress ~ Jules


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