Feminine Feminist

The word ‘Feminist’ can invoke some strong feelings for some people and others not so much. It can be met with praise, high fives or even eye rolls. Not everyone will think the same as me or have the exact ideology of what being a feminist is. In my opinion, life experiences and situations can drastically change your view of the world.


Being a feminist to me, means to support my fellow women, my tribe, and fixing crowns without letting the world know that it was crooked in the first place. Being a feminist is to want equal rights and to speak up when things aren’t so.


I’m not here to bash men nor do I hate men. I have two sons, I could never feel that way. Men consider each other to be “bros” and I’d like to think that I am in an alliance with a sisterhood. I know there are situations or experiences I have had, that many other women can relate to, many men have not. These are the things in which that bonds us.


Im not here to burn my bras, they are far too expensive for that nonsense. I would like to address, that I’ve been told that I couldn’t possibly be a feminist, I’m far too girly, way too feminine and high maintenance. I find it rather objectifying to be judged on your outer appearance or what you are wearing to be determined as an anti “pro-woman.” I get taken a back by that sometimes. I consider myself a feminine feminist. I wear dresses ,makeup and heels and I am indeed a feminist. I promise, it is possible. I am team empower one another, regardless of what I’m wearing.


Women throughout history have suffered more than anyone. It’s so important at that we have a voice and do what ever it is that empowers us. Whether it be in a dress or pants, know that you’re strong. We are strong.


  • What I Wore:
  • Trench Coat by Zara
  • Pink Tie Front Blouse by H&M
  • Grey Dress by Banana Republic
  • Floral Dress by Target
  • Buffalo Plaid Dress by Old Navy
  • Denim Jacket by The Gap

In a world full of pants, be a dress ~ Jules


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