10 Things About Me


Hello and Happy Friday! I’ve noticed some new faces and thought I would share some things about myself. (Along with some ways to wear cute rainboots!)

1. I’m super clumsy. I knock things over, fall, trip and  walk into things. Objects just tend to fall out of my hands.

2. I am a perfectionist over my nails. They are all even in length, shaped and chipped polish gets fixed as soon as possible. Other people’s chipped polish drives me batty. I want to grab a bottle of polish remover and fix it for them.


3. I love documentaries. I’ll pick this over tv shows or a movie every time. I’m so captivated by them. I recently just watched ‘Don’t F*#k With Cats’ and the new Aaron Hernandez one on Netflix.

4. I have moved around so much in my entire life, that I am completely comfortable with packing up and starting over some place new. In fact, I can’t even stay in one place for long, I get an itch to change locations frequently. I don’t know if I will ever truly be “anchored.” I’m a true nomad.

5. I am addicted to cheese, Cheetos and chocolate.


6. I love to travel. Most of my travels have been solo adventures. I would love to visit the U.K., Paris and Greece someday.

7. Ive been single for the past 5 years and I am very comfortable with that and my lifestyle. I’m content with being on my own and actually enjoy my own company. I find myself quite hilarious and fun to be around.

8. My boys are my entire world. I admire them and so proud of the young men that they have become. They are truly what I am most grateful for.

9. I’m ridiculously afraid of the garbage disposal. Perhaps I’ve watched too many horror films but if a fork or an object falls in, I have to really hype myself up before I retrieve it. I am completely convinced that my hand will be chopped in pieces. Because I am so clumsy, I’m afraid that I will accidentally activate the switch on. I’m also afraid of the dark, so I always sleep with a nearby light on.

10. I lose every single one of my hair ties until I’m down to my very last one. I don’t know where they go, they just magically disappear. It is similar to a missing sock from the dryer. This very last hair tie will be so stretched out and on the brink of snapping.

**Bonus* I love Music. I feel the lyrics and the sounds so deeply sometimes. I feel the most connected to harmonies. I’m a big Taylor Swift fan. Yes, I’m a ‘Swiftie’

I would love to get to know you too! What are some fun and interesting facts about yourself?

In a world full of pants, be a dress ~ Jules

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