The Compare Game

Who here is guilty of comparing your life to others? Not just on social media or influencers but also friends. It’s so easy to get carried away or become a little jealous when someone posts a vacation, an outfit, their killer body or new car. It can make you feel as though your life is dull in comparison.


I’m definitely guilty of all the above. It’s so easy to see a post of someone on a tropical getaway and wish that you could be anywhere but the spot you are sitting in. Sometimes I find myself thinking “Oh they’re so lucky, she gets to go here, she gets to do that, I wish I had what she has.” I’m guilty of seeing an amazing capture and feeling that my own skills could never come close to producing a quality photo as good as theirs. I over analyze and start to think that someone else’s talent, material possessions or life is much better than my own.


It’s hard not to compare your life to others, especially when it seems as though everything is visible to you as you’re scrolling through your feed. People say that not everything is what it seems on social media but sometimes those smiles and good times have me fooled. I start to look at my everyday life and it just doesn’t seem to measure up to everyone else’s.


Heres what you don’t see. The times when I don’t feel like smiling. The times I spent in tears, the moments I was so stressed out, or personal/ family issues were a major distraction. None of our lives are picture perfect and we all have bad days. We do also have good days and sometimes we forget about just how good we have it. It’s so easy to compare and it’s also easy to not remember the amazing moments we have had.

I wish I could say that I will never compare my life to others or be a little envious of their blessings. I’m only human and these feelings are only natural to have. However, I will keep in mind that comparing only steals my time, energy and joy from living in the present. The compare game takes away from my value and precious moments that I’ve had. We all have one life, and it’s so fleeting… let’s make the most of it, everyday, in our own way.

Thank you so much for stopping by and as always…. In a world full of pants, be a dress ~Jules

     What I Wore:

  • Blue Animal Print Dress by Taylor Swift
  • Red Dress by Target
  • Tartan Scarf by Lucky Brand
  • Striped Dress by Rainbow

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