Individual Style


I often hear from women that they would love to be stylish or have great style. What does being stylish mean to you? Is it the glossy images from magazines, today’s trendiest fashion or that girl who looks effortlessly chic walking around the mall? Is there an age cap to being a fashionista, too young or too old? No to all the above.


The key to having great style means being an individual. It means putting your own flair and stamp on your look. Whatever is your favorite, play that up! Just as you would emphasize your favorite features when applying makeup (your eyes, lashes, lips, or killer cheekbone), the same applies here. If you’re drawn to shoes, purses, accessories, scarves, necklaces, dresses, etc.. make it your own. Wear those shoes that pop, add that extra flair with a statement necklace or show off your scarf collection. We all have certain elements of fashion that we gravitate towards the most. For myself, it’s dresses.


Having a look all your own shows off your personality before you even utter a single word. Be a show stopper with your individuality, trust me, no one else is quite like you… than you. If being polished, bold, edgy, boho, glam or classic is your thing, then own it proudly and wear it like a badge. Being stylish is ageless, whether you’re in your teens, twenties or in your eighties. You can wear whatever you like and don’t let anyone tell you any different. There are no rules in fashion, make your own and just have fun with it. Live your life and let your best individual style shine through!

You can shop these looks and more by going to the app here:

In a world full of pants, be a dress ~Jules



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