Love Month and Self Love

Happy Valentine’s , Galentine’s and Palentine’s Day to you! Love month is in full swing and it’s just another reason for me to wear as much pink as my heart desires!


So, this is for all the singles out there. Am I sad that I didn’t receive flowers, chocolates or a fancy dinner date? Absolutely not. I don’t feel sorry for myself or wish that I wasn’t alone on this day. I get asked if I’m married/ attached and when I say that I’m single, I get met with a look of pity. Im often told, “awww don’t worry, you’ll find someone.” This is just like telling someone who is older, that she looks good for her age. This needs to stop. I don’t need or want the pity and maybe I’m not looking to find someone.


Being coupled up doesn’t necessarily mean happiness. Jennifer Anniston is often looked upon with pity for being unsuccessful in the love department. She’s beautiful, funny, smart and successful, yet people forget all of that and judge her for being single. I read in an interview that she gave and she said that she believes that she had successful love relationships. I couldn’t agree more, being single does not equate to being a failure. We all have different chapters in our lives. Some people stay and some go. I was married and also in a long term relationship. Each one lasted nearly a decade. Although I am no longer with either one of them, I still feel that I had a wonderful experience of love and had successful relationships.


I believe that the longer you are single, the more comfortable you become with yourself and set higher standards. Being alone has a way to make you learn deeply about yourself and being accepting of who you are. It’s easy to lose yourself when you find someone. It’s even harder to learn to love yourself when there is no one left. Self love means doing the things you love and not having to be defined as a couple. Sometimes, two isn’t always better than one.


Show your own self love, buy your own damn flowers. If you like jewelry, put your own ring on it. You don’t have to “find” someone to do that. Do things you love to do. Watch the movie YOU wanted to watch, go to dinner that you didn’t have to compromise over. Single life isn’t a death sentence and it shouldn’t be looked down upon. Don’t waste away your days by waiting for someone to whisk you away. A relationship doesn’t complete you. You’re already whole to begin with. Xoxo

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In a world full of pants, be a dress~ Jules


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