Vegas Bound

9AD9661A-786F-4A08-9046-2882B7539749.jpeg“I’m leaving, on a jet plane….” I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate New Years in Las Vegas! It was a quick flight from Seattle, so why not make the walk to departures in a little animal print?


I can’t wait to share my Vegas adventures with you but in the meantime, this is my quick look of the day. I’m never shy from cheetah/ leopard prints and my collection of these prints have a dedicated section in my closet.


***What I Wore***                                                             * Cheetah Zip Up Smock Dress by Target*         * Black Bell Bottom Pearl Sleeves Shirt by Macy’s ** 

Hope you enjoyed the look! Thanks for stopping by!

“In a world full of pants, be a dress!”


Plaid, Pearls and Resolutions


Christmas has come and gone so quickly and the New Year will be here in just a matter of days. Most people have New Years Resolutions in hopes for their best year yet. I haven’t made any resolutions and I haven’t done so for the past few years. Instead, I come up with a word and live accordingly to that word for the year.


I take time to pick my word of the year and it’s related to what is going on in my life at the time. Here are my words I’ve used in the past and I can truly say that I did my absolute best to live by them.

  • 2016- Fabulous
  • 2017-Strength
  • 2018- Live

I am days away from New Years and I still haven’t picked my word yet. I’m torn between 2….. Sparkle or Focus. Will I sparkle or be more focused in 2019? What word would you pick to live by for the next year?


***What I Wore***                                                       *Grey Knit with Pearl Bell Bottom Sleeves Shirt by Macy’s                                                         * Plaid Skirt by Jcrew                                                   *Pearl Hair Bow by Macy’s 

My Favorite Plaid


As a dress enthusiast, it’s a moment of joy when you find your favorite plaid print in a dress. Of course, you can find plaid in an array of choices, shirts, jackets, scarves but not often in a dress/ or skirt form.

This was a meant to be moment in Target and I had my fingers crossed as I headed to the dressing room. It was a great fit and I couldn’t be happier with the traditional green/ blue, blackwatch tartan print. I also appreciated the modern and feminine touches of this dress, the sleeves were sheer and the belted bow was lovely.


I loved this dress so much that I also took family photos in them. Keep an eye out, I will be including those in a future post.

Hope you enjoyed the look and take a chance wearing plaid beyond the flannels and scarves. Happy holidays and thanks for stopping by!


***What I Wore***                                                            * Green/ Blue Plaid Dress by A New Day (Target)

“In a world full of pants, be a dress”

Ruffles and Bows


Does anyone remember when there was a pay phone around every corner? There was a time when some of us carried around quarters or phone cards. It was really neat to come across a functioning pay phone and it even came with the yellow pages! Did I make a phone call? No…. I have a cell phone for that now. How far we’ve all come to have a device that fits in our hand!


It’s the first week of December! Is it just me, or did the weather start getting colder? Here’s a bold yet wearable look as the temperatures keep dropping. This is quite a busy dress, there’s a lot going on here. I really like the maroon/ wine shade, it’s a nice hue for the fall/ winter seasons. I love bows, ties and ruffles and this floral, high waisted dress had it all. There really is quite a lot going on, but it is wearable. I felt so feminine and loved the movement from the ruffles. Ruffles and bows aren’t just for little girls. Just like unicorns, they’re for everyone!


Hope you enjoyed the look. Would love to hear some thoughts on looks that you love! Thank you for stopping by…..

***What I Wore***                                                          * Floral Maroon Dress by SheIn 


~In a world full of pants, be a dress~


Faux Pearls Faux Suede


I can’t get enough of skirts and OTK (over the knee boots). I’ve been wearing them untill the weather dictates it’s time for tights/stockings/ leggings. Fortunately,  I live in Seattle and while it’s definately been rainy, it hasn’t been freezing cold yet.


My Wednesday “hump day”, Outfit of the day is a faux pearl cream sweater and a faux suede camel skirt. Honestly. I feel that both the sweater and the skirt are closet essentials. They’re both so versitile, and you can wear or mix/ match with so much of what you already have. I usually lean towards bold, bright colors and prints but I’m learning that neutrals can make a statement too.



Hope your middle of the week is going fabulous. Thanks for stopping by!

***What I Wore***                                                     *Faux pearl embellished cream sweater by H&M                                                                                  *Faux suede Camel skirt by Forever21

~In a world full of pants, be a dress~



Maximize Your Mini


“Look in the mirror and ask yourself-what do I want to do everyday for the rest of my life? Then go do that.” Gary Vaynerchuk


Rise and grind… it’s Monday, grab your morning coffee and start your day. My morning routine typically starts at 530 am with a cup of coffee, and either music or a tv show playing in the background as I’m getting ready.  Feeding your mind is so important, that I decided to change things up a little. I didn’t give up my coffee but I did change the things I listened to. I began listening to Gary V while I was doing my hair/ makeup and Zig Ziegler on my commutes. Instead of a jumpstart on my day, I felt a jumpstart on my life. For myself, I wanted to stay motivated, inspired and enrich my mind. This has been a way for me to maximize my time even when I’m busy with other things.


The mini skirt…. it’s brazen, it’s bold, its a sexy look. It’s not just for going out, you can rock the mini day or night. Wearing a mini skirt, can make you feel a little exposed. Adding a cardigan or jacket makes it a cute and wearable look. A body suit underneath keeps everything in place all day without adjusting.


Maximize your day and rock that mini! What are your morning rituals and tips to stay motivated? Don’t let that mini skirt hide in your closet…. be bold, maximize it!

***What I Wore***                                                       *Pink bodysuit by Forever 21                                  * White lace bralette by Aerie                             * Black zip up corduroy mini skirt by Forever21                                                                   * Leopard/ Cheetah cardigan by Mossimo(Target)


~In a world full of pants, be a dress~



Sassy in a Smock Dress


Its Thanksgiving weekend! Christmas trees and lights are twinkling and it’s the official start of Black Friday. The holiday season is here! The countdown begins…. 33 days untill Christmas! I did brave the crowds to scour the deals and only bought a single item. I scored plaid scarf from old navy and I’m excited to incorporate it in a future blog post.


Today, I’m wearing a belted, button up, corduroy smock dress. I’ve been noticing that smock dresses are popping up everywhere, in a ton of different colors, textures, and plaids. This dress was comfortable and easy to pair with pretty much anything under it. To keep everything in its place, I opted to layer this smock dress with a striped body suit.

Hope you liked the look! What are your thoughts on smock dresses? Have you been rocking them this season?


***What I Wore***                                                     *Belted, Button Up Corduroy Smock Dress by Charlotte Russe*                                                     *White with stripes bodysuit by Charlotte Russe*

Thank you for stopping by!

~In a world full of pants, be a dress~






Thanksgiving Throwback


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is enjoying their day!

As many do on Thanksgiving, I started reflecting on what I was thankful for. I’m truly thankful for so much…..friends, family, love, life….I’m grateful for my journey and experiences. It’s taught me well and I’m still learning. Thank you for being a part of it.

Today’s throwback is a reminder to live, love, laugh, not just on Thanksgiving, but everyday.

***What I Wore***                                                        *Pink Polka Dot Jumpsuit (The Santee Alley, Los Angeles)


~In a world full of pants, be a dress~


Bodysuit Bliss


Hello and hope your start of the week is going great! As the weather has been getting cooler, I’ve been reaching for my skirts more often. I tend to wear skirts more in the fall/ winter seasons because it’s easier to layer.

Finding a gorgeous skirt to wear is the easy part. Pairing the skirt with a shirt can get a little tricky. Different shirts can be too bulky, doesn’t stay tucked in, bunches up or just doesn’t look right with that perfect skirt. I’m guilty of getting a fabulous skirt and then it ends up sitting in the closet because unworn and unloved because I didn’t have a shirt that looked cohesive. Enter the world of bodysuits…

Bodysuits are my version of the essential T shirt. I consider them staples in my wardrobe. They come in a plethora of colors to mix / match and coordinate a lot of of what’s already in your closet. Bodysuits are form fitting and I love how they stay in place, without tugging or the awkward adjusting throughout the day.

Pink is my favorite color and I adore all versions of it. A bold fuchsia gives a pop of flair, in time for the holiday festivities. I love a good pleated skirt and I really enjoyed the movement with ever step!

Hope you liked the look! Thank you for stopping by!

*** What I Wore:                                                              * Black bodysuit by Commando (Nordstrom)                                                                    * Fucshia Pleated Skirt by A new day (Target)

~In a world of pants, be a dress~


A Stroll In Stripes


Hello and happy Saturday! The fall leaves are slowly disappearing and I was thrilled to have found some. I thought I would make the most of my weekend and enjoy the sunny day.


For my day out, I wore a striped, midi length body con dress. I liked how the dress had stretch yet managed to stay put. Stripes are generally a simply pattern.The simplicity of stripes makes it such a versatile print. Paired or alone, it’s a easy and cute look.

Ive been obsessing over olive/ moss/ mossy green these days. My favorite part is how versatile this shade is. I wanted to see how it would look with a simple striped dress for a neutral fall look. I added an olive/ moss green utility vest on top. For this cool and crisp days, this is also a way to layer an olive field jacket.

Hope you liked the look and let me hear thoughts!

*** What I Wore ***                                                                ** Striped Dress by Forever 21 **                               ** Olive Utility Vest by Mossimo (Target)**            ** Olive Jacket by American Eagle Outfitters

I appreciate you for stopping by!

~In a world of pants, be a dress~