Not A Dress Snob


Something I get asked frequently is “Where do you get all your dresses from?” I’m asked as if I’m about to disclose my favorite shop and I have one main supplier. Friends, I’ll let you in on my secret…..I buy my dresses everywhere and anywhere. I have dresses from Walmart, Target, mall stores, department stores, from friends, boutiques, flea markets, discount stores,online and more. I don’t have a favorite store and have been pleasantly surprised by some of the dresses and skirts I’ve aquired from some of these places. I don’t discriminate and that is how I built my dress wardrobe. I’m not a dress snob, I just love dresses regardless of where I’ve bought them from. There are some dresses that I have had in my collection for years and still wear today because of how timeless and classic they are, even with today’s fast fashion and modern trends.

I tend to shop more traditionally, I prefer brick and mortar stores over online shopping. With so many different styles, lengths and dress options out there, not everything looks like it does on the model, from your monitor. Just as if you were browsing in store, you should definately try on before you buy. Sometimes a dress could look gorgeous on the hanger and left little to be desired after trying it on.

For today’s look, I’m wearing a neutral beige dress with pockets. For the love of pockets, I get so excited about that small detail. To keep warm and keeping it in season with a plaid scarf. The scarf was actually my one and only purchase from Black Friday 2018. I’ve been wearing with a lot this past winter.  Do you have a favorite go to store that doesn’t let you down or do you shop around like I do? Let me know in the comments!

***What I Wore***

  • Beige dress with pockets by Ann Taylor
  • Plaid scarf by Old Navy


In a world full of pants be a dress ~ Jules

Straight from the A










“Had to talk to God, dropped down and prayed for this. To my surprise, he replied, said ‘You were made for this.’ I seen the car I wanted, then went and paid for it….cash, cash” (Cardi B. Best Life)

I didn’t get the Tesla, but a girl can still dream, right?

It’s been over a decade since I have been back to the East Coast. Atlanta did not disappoint. Out and about shopping today to prepare for my upcoming Orlando trip. I went into Gucci with high hopes that the Multicolored Phisse-Lurex Midi Skirt would be available. No such luck. Ever since I’ve seen Blake Lively wearing the rainbow skirt, I was obsessed. I started thinking of who my style icons are and the stars fashion looks that I admired or I found inspiring. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Blake Lively-carefree, boho

2. Megan Markle- modern yet classic with an edge

3. Kate Middleton- classic polished and elegant

4. Cardi B.- fun and fashion forward

5. Margot Robbie- pretty and on trend

Although Gucci didn’t have my coveted skirt, I was convinced to try on an alternative by the sales associate. “I bet you’re a fan of floral prints.” He wasn’t wrong!





Dressing room try on: Gucci Climbing Roses Silk Dress. Simply gorgeous and uber feminine with an oversized front bow, sleeveless, and a ruffle skirt hem.

Since I don’t wear pants, wearing jeans just isn’t in my wardrobe. I still love denim and denim dresses/ skirts are a great alternative. I can wear denim without sacrificing my own style and comfort. Sadly, I did have a wardrobe malfunction/ mishap. I wore a pink bow belt that had broken and I was unable to capture that on camera. However, one thing that I love about the denim dress that I’m wearing (or any dress for that matter) is that it has pockets! Pockets! My favorite design on a dress would have to be the functionality of pockets. I’m a little disappointed that more dresses don’t them.





Seen above: LV MY LOCKME (want want want!)

*Dark Wash Denim A-line Dress, button up collar by: New Look apparel

Who are your fashion style icons?

Out of all the blogs out there, thank you for taking the time to read mine. Stay tuned for more!

“In a world full of pants, be a dress!” (Jules L.)

***photo edits: instagram @jordanwrestles